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What Going Paperless Means

2019-08-27T15:10:42+00:00Document Management|

“Go Paperless” is our favorite thing to tell businesses, and we do it all the time. Telling a business to go paperless, is usually met with a lot of “we will”, “we know”, and “we want to” comments. As the conversations continues, a clear understanding of what being paperless means and a document management strategy is unknown. No paper is

Who is Driving Digital Transformation in the Workplace?

2019-08-27T15:14:47+00:00Document Management|

Written by Chelsea Bawab, PSIGEN CEOs and executives are increasingly leading digital change initiatives in organizations Digital transformation in organizations doesn’t happen by osmosis—someone has to take the lead and steer the company toward digital change. The AIIM Industry Watch report “2017 State of Information Management” takes a look at who is actually driving digital change in the workplace. The most obvious

Workflow: The Modern Paper(less) Pusher

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You may have heard the term "Workflow" before but what does it mean, and what does it have to do with your business? Simply defined, workflow is passing a document within an organization from one person to another to complete a unit of work. One popular method of organizing workflow items is the inbound/outbound method. Imagine yourself seated at your

4 Challenges of a Paper-Centric Filing System

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Are you relying too heavily on paper to support your business process? Let’s give credit where credit is due and say paper served businesses and individuals well for many centuries. And while there will probably be a limited and controlled presence of paper for years to come, its dominance in the business market for transferring data is over. People do not

Bring Order to Digital Chaos

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The paperless office means more than shifting to digital documents. It also means managing them in a way that ensures confidentiality, enforces consistency, and overall… promotes productivity. Simply storing documents on a shared network drive is a sure way to invite chaos. Implementing Document Management Software (DMS) is the logical approach and forms the best foundation to build a paperless office. The