Most organizations can scan paper documents. Scanners are available in all shapes and sizes and when used with a document management system, the benefits are enormous.

It’s common to go “paperless” on a day forward basis. Day forward paperless occurs when a date is set to manage business information & content electronically from that day forward. Typically, the ongoing daily scanning requirements are manageable with existing staff and desktop scanners.

But what if there is a large amount of preexisting physical documents or the daily volume is very high? The choices are:

  • Invest in hiring personnel and purchasing robust scanners that can handle the load
  • Outsource the task to a qualified scanning bureau

What’s right for you?

Let’s evaluate your needs. Are your bulk scanning needs temporary? Maybe the need is to scan several boxes of existing documents into the document management system you implemented on a day forward basis. Once these boxes are emptied, the need goes away. Because the current daily volume of scanning is being managed internally, new boxes are not being filled.

Are your scanning needs accumulative and performed in bulk on a fixed schedule? A good example of this scenario is automotive dealerships. For a dealership to remain compliant with retention requirements, all sold vehicle documents must be retained for several years. In many cases, rather than immediately scanning these documents into the document management system, they are accumulated and added in bulk based on a predetermined (e.g. monthly) schedule. The result is pulsed scanning, where there is a repeating need for heavy volume scanning, followed by a period of no scanning.

Outsourced scanning is ideal for heavy volume scanning when the need is temporary or pulsed. The cost to implement internal scanning in these cases is difficult to justify. Idle staff and purchased equipment are not able to produce enough ROI to bring these tasks internal.

On the other hand, if the need for heavy volume scanning is sustained and scanned documents need to be immediately available, investing in the proper scanning equipment and staff is advised. For example: Many businesses receiving large amounts of standard mail are eliminating the paper as it enters the building and electronically routing it to the appropriate individuals for action. This is a sustained need and high-volume scanners is the best option for controlling cost and improving efficiency.

What approach best fits your needs?

Fortunately, eBizDocs can assist with whatever approach is best for you.

Our Scanning services are certified and fully scalable to meet your needs. For internal scanning, we offer best-in-class scanners and capture software with proven long-term performance. eBizDocs helps private and public originations realize all the benefits of creating a paperless environment.

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