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COVID-19 and the Importance of the Digital Workplace

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Curated by James True – eBizDocs By: Jesse Wilkins on March 31st, 2020 AIIM BLOG COVID-19 and the Importance of the Digital Workplace It seems like everyone is talking about coronavirus: what it means to the global and local economies, how it impacts different industries, even how to make your own hand sanitizer to combat it. One of the key approaches

Coronavirus Tip – Direct Deposit


Several businesses and friends are responding to our request to share ideas that support social distancing AND… staying in business. Here is today’s tip: Encourage members/employees to sign up for direct deposit. When sending or receiving payments, you have several options. Among those options, you can use cash, checks, or electronic payments. Most organizations prefer that last choice—otherwise known as

Managing Sensitive HR Files in Growing Pediatric Dentistry

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The Smile Lodge provides direct access to the region’s top Pediatric Dental Professionals. With a focus on infants, children, and teens in Clifton Park and surrounding areas, The Smile Lodge serves over 45,000 patients. What separates The Smile Lodge from other dentistries is its commitment to providing excellent care in a warm and relaxed setting, where every parent and child

eBizDocs Coronavirus (COVID-19) update


As we monitor and learn more about the spread of Coronavirus in our communities, we want to be transparent about what we’re doing as a company to protect our customers and employees. At eBizDocs, the safety and well-being of our employees and our customers is always our priority, and we recognize the important role we play in supporting our customers

eBizDocs April 2020 Newsletter


EBIZNEWS April 2020 EDITION   We are sending this edition of eBizNews ahead of schedule to share an important coronavirus (COVID-19) update.   As we monitor and learn more about the spread of Coronavirus in our communities, we want to be transparent about what we’re doing as a company to protect our customers and employees. At eBizDocs, the safety and

Kodak Alaris 2020 Scanner Line of the Year Award


Official BLI Analyst Report Kodak Alaris has claimed the coveted BLI 2020 Scanner Line of the Year award from the analysts at Buyers Lab thanks to its… Superior image quality and OCR accuracy Versatile media handling capabilities Flawless reliability Simple user experience Innovative Alaris INfuse Smart Connected Scanning Solution “For most business processes, automation starts at the scanner,” said Lee Davis, Senior

Panasonic PremierCOMPRESSION

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Panasonic PremierCOMPRESSION Benefits: - Generate easily searchable PDF files with highly accurate OCR  - Create instant access to your information with high-speed OCR  - E-mail, transmit, download & upload compressed documents quickly & easily  - View files instantly with PDF streaming web optimization  - Preserve information quality even after extreme file compression Panasonic PremierCOMPRESSION can make your documents fully searchable

eBizDocs March 2020 Newsletter


EBIZNEWS March 2020 EDITION   Information at Your Fingertips Starting with paper and microfilm conversion, we support customers in some of the largest public and private sectors. We perfected the art of converting your documents. However, this is only the beginning. eBizDocs also helps manage your content, improve efficiency and control costs. Discover the breadth of offerings available from eBizDocs

Guide to Home Office Efficiency

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Curated by eBizDocs By Kara Rayburn, Global Manager, Portfolio Marketing & Web Boost your efficiency by including these key elements in your home office. Remote work used to be a privilege reserved for certain roles within certain industries, but nowadays, it’s becoming much more common: About 50% of the U.S. population works from home at least part of the time. While various factors

IDC WHITE PAPER – The Migration from Paper to Digital

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The Migration from Paper to Digital: Why Digitization Remains Elusive REALIZING THE PROMISE OF THE PAPERLESS OFFICE All organizations are in a race to digitize their office environments, but not everyone is traveling at the same speed. Digital transformation (DX) continues to be a priority for many organizations, with some transitioning to a paperless office more quickly than others due