Thinking about going paperless for your accounting operations?

This table highlights the problems of paper and the benefits of going paperless using a document management solution from eBizDocs.


Paper-based Problems


Document Management Benefits 

Time consuming filing and retrieval for

  • Invoices
  • Receipts
  • Checks
  • Expenses

Improve control and efficiency

  • Efficient scanning and indexing with document templates
  • Minimize document retrieval time
  • Add new clients without increasing physical storage space
  • Integration with QuickBooks

Physical file costs keep growing

  • Off-site storage expense and inconvenience
  • Recurring monthly expense related to on-site storage
  • Opportunity cost – could use file room for office space

Eliminate physical file storage space

  • Immediate retrieval of information
  • Reduce ongoing dependency of offsite storage
  • Re-purpose file room to productive office space

Inefficient and time consuming audits

  • Paper files are cumbersome while preparing for an audit
  • Document retention requirements add complexity
  • Lost or missing documents are very costly
  • Frustrated auditors

Streamline audit services

  • Rapid distribution of documents to the client or staff
  • No need to carry, copy or fax documents
  • Lock down files to meet compliance requirements
  • Meet other industry specific requirements

Manual filing leads to accessibility issues

  • Inconsistent naming and filing conventions
  • Documents pulled from file system are not accessible by staff
  • Documents not accessible from remote locations
  • Access control limited to lock and key

Enhance operations

  • Create a modern electronic business culture
  • Grow with minimal staff and overhead additions
  • Access documents remotely
  • Instant access to customer documents greatly improves customer service

Completing tax returns are complicated by having to

  • Manually organize paper documents
  • Track folders
  • Retrieve information
  • Copy and refile all related paper-work

Improved tax return service

  • Rapid access of documents reduces tax return preparation time
  • Facilitates collaboration with multi-access to documents
  • Dedicate more time to develop client relations
  • Workflow accelerates review process

Slow AP approval process

  • Early payment incentives missed
  • Manual approval process with no tracking
  • Notes and instructions are easily lost or written in margins

Streamlined approval and tracking processes

  • Approval process automated based on your business rules
  • Track and manage all documents “in-process”
  • Monitor and manage process every step of the way

Shipping cost and delay between customer or branch office locations and central processing office

Reduce document shipping costs and instant availability

  • Branch offices simply scan, file, and send to workflow
  • Customers send and receive documents securely using SHARE portal


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