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eBizDocs Assures Customer Trust with SOC2 Type II Certification

eBizDocs meets the rising demand for remote workers needing to access and share information by delivering safe and reliable content solutions

Albany, NY. August 18, 2020 – eBizDocs, a premier electronic content solutions provider, announced it completed the Service Organization Controls 2 (SOC2) Type II attestation with zero defects or any adverse observations. The Moore Group conducted the audit and review of eBizDocs’ operational controls. eBizDocs continues to differentiate itself by certifying its ability to protect customer data and successfully demonstrate its capability to meet all the relevant trust services criteria for security and availability.

“Attaining SOC2 Type II compliance completes an important objective for eBizDocs and demonstrates our commitment to provide exemplary customer data protection. The rigorous validation of the high standards we follow for our operating practices, products, and services assures our customers we meet the most demanding requirements for protecting their critical and sensitive information,” said Howard Gross, CEO, eBizDocs.


What You Need to Know

New York state coronavirus information is updated frequently and available at:

Does Napping Improve Remote Worker Performance?

COVID-19 is putting a new lens on the way we do business.

The first noticeable change from COVID-19, in the business world, is the explosion in the number of remote workers.

While not an option for all businesses, many first timers incorporating working remotely are surprised by the positive results. In some cases, the ability to work remotely “saved” the business.
Another trend gaining traction for remote office workers is napping. Studies show taking a nap can improve productivity.


eBizDocs Video Helps Relaunch Businesses With a Twist

eBizDocs was eager to create a unique and fitting booth video for the Rensselaer County Regional Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner {with a twist} & Business Expo.
After considering several ideas, the light bulb switched on when they recognized the similarities between NASA (after 9 years) relaunching into space from US soil, and businesses relaunching their operations.
Both called for overcoming challenges and making drastic changes. The “We Have Lift Off” video highlights these challenges and how eBizDocs is helping businesses overcome them.

Congratulations to Bob and Doug for their safe return to earth on August 2, 2020. The 64-day historic mission was a huge win. And… Congratulations to all the businesses who are also returning for a huge win.


Humor for Your Funny Bone

NYACP Up and Running 1 Hour After COVID-19 Shutdown Order

The New York Chapter of the American College of Physicians (NYACP) was already investing in upgrading its office technology before having to close its office in mid-March due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Fortunately, about an hour after closing, NYACP was back in operation with workers setting up remote offices from home. The staff had new Microsoft Surface laptops, were storing files in the CLOUD, and the digital phone system connected seamlessly over the internet. Slack and Zoom meetings were available to engage with members and staff.

The only thing remaining was finding an affordable multi-function device for each staff member to use at home in place of the shared printer/scanner. Scanning and shredding is important for security reasons, particularly when working from home.


Guidelines for Managing Records During the Covid-19 Pandemic


eBizDocs is pleased to provide its services to many state agencies and local governments prior to and during the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of the extraordinary nature of these times, many agencies are changing the way they provide services to the community. The New Your State Archives recently published guidelines to help maintain records management consistency during the pandemic. While these guidelines are NY specific, they can be applied in other jurisdictions and businesses.

The guidelines are available online by clicking the following links:

Guidelines for Managing Records During the Covid-19 Pandemic

State and Local Government Records Retention: Documenting the Government COVID-19 Response

Records Management and Remote Work

Should your agency need any assistance meeting these guidelines or have any other records management needs, eBizDocs is a preferred source contractor for NYS entities with extensive experience in records management and helping agencies make a digital transformation to better serve their communities.

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Ellen Beauclair
Microfilm Conversions and Audit

“There is no way to anticipate the emotional impact of leaving your home planet…  It’s incredible hard work, stressful in its own way, and scary…” – Marsha Ivins, American astronaut

Ellen Beauclair was born and lived in Colorado most of her life. Always fascinated with space, rockets, and aircraft, she attended the University of Colorado Boulder for a degree in Aerospace Engineering.

Ellen always did well in school but describes her childhood as difficult because she felt different from those around her. Ellen did not share the same interests as her peers, and constantly felt distant from them. She found passion in rockets and space. “I built model rockets and launched from time to time…it always gave me great joy and I saw a realm of vast possibilities for my future.”

Ellen discovered and found herself comfortable in an online space-themed Minecraft gaming community. Many members were just like her and shared the same interests. Minecraft offered the freedom to be creative with her friends; expressing herself any way she wanted without limiting and arbitrary boundaries. This self-expression paved the way for Ellen to delve into other creative mediums including writing, art, and worldbuilding. In many ways, these pursuits proved to be an allegory for her life of building worlds and stories, maintaining them, and helping them grow and develop. Through this median, Ellen realized what she needed to do for herself–and discovered who she really was. Ellen learned she could express herself in any way she wanted in the real world and she was going to do just that.

Three years ago, Ellen started a journey to make herself into the person she wanted. It has been a very personal journey. Ellen learned it was ok to be content with small things and realized she needed a change of scenery to become the person she wanted. As Marsha Ivins declares, there is no way to prepare for such a journey. It is incredibly hard work to reshape your future when leaving a place, you have been for twenty-one years, behind.

Ellen moved to New York State to be with her significant other and then started working at eBizDocs in October of 2019. She is currently working on a microfilm and auditing project for the New York State Department of Health (DOH). Hired to do data entry, because of her impressive 72 word per minute typing skills, Ellen easily excelled at her job. She also has a remarkable aptitude for working with software and cross-trained to perform microfilm conversions. The auditing component was new to her and posed a bit of a challenge, but she quickly developed the new skill. This DOH project has Ellen tackling the issues of working with poor-quality film. She produces quality results, even when the film quality is low. Ellen always gives her best to make sure the customer gets the best quality product.

As for working at eBizDocs, Ellen shares it is the MOST accepting and diverse workplace she has ever worked. “I’m comfortable and can be myself at eBizDocs. Other places fire employees for being themselves. All the managers at eBizDocs care about everyone’s well-being; Howard and Chris are really understanding and caring. Thanks to eBizDocs, I’m regrouped, feel good about myself, and fulfilled by being a more productive worker.

Thank you Ellen, for all you do.