Organizations in every sector are winning big by streamlining how documents and data are managed. Automating labor-intensive tasks, and better meeting industry compliance and security requirements can take an average business and move it to the top.

Chances are your business is like most others when it comes to benefiting from going paperless.

Does your business experience any of these scenarios?


Common challenges many organizations must address to make it to the top:

  • Access to documents and information takes far too long and causes problems like:
    • Poor record-keeping
    • Poor customer service
    • Huge drain on productivity
    • Risk of not meeting industry compliance standards
    • High cost of wasted staff time searching for information
  • Simple business tasks are manual and take a long time to complete; ex: HR onboarding, time off requests, PO requests.
  • More complex key business processes are largely paper-based and time-consuming (example: AR/AP, contract management).
  • Remote employee and mobile access to information is difficult.
  • Document sharing is cumbersome and very inefficient.


Good news… There is a much better way to keep “Information at Your Fingertips”.

Your paperless document management solution can:

  • Convert paper documents into electronic documents: implement an organized method to scan paper documents provide easy retrieval.
  • Capture: capture critical information automatically to automate indexing and advanced search.
  • Workflow: route documents electronically (example: invoices, contracts).
  • Convert paper-based form processing to automated electronic processing:
    • Employee requests: PO requests, approval requests
    • Finance: AP/AR automation
    • HR: employee onboarding, employee record keeping, PTO requests
    • Corporate: contract management
  • Remote Access: improve access from mobile phone or tablets to documents and implement electronic signature, approval workflows that can be completed remotely.
  • Document Sharing/Collaboration: provide a common secure platform for document sharing and editing.
  • Meet industry compliance standards: implement lifecycle records management.


Best of all…

Your paperless solution does not have to be complex or expensive.

  • Solutions often cost much less than what you may expect.
  • Cloud solutions eliminate the cost of purchasing and maintaining IT infrastructure.
  • Solutions can be financed and billed as an affordable tax friendly operating expense.

Time to get started!

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