November 2020 EDITION

eBizDocs Spearheads Local Effort to Observe National Disability Employment Awareness Month


eBizDocs announced its participation in National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM), an annual awareness campaign that takes place each October. The purpose of NDEAM is to educate about disability employment issues and celebrate the many and varied contributions of America’s workers with disabilities.

This year’s theme is “Increasing Access and Opportunity.”


New York state coronavirus information

9 Things You Need to Know About Intelligent Capture


72% of organizations say scanning paper is still the most important part of their information capture strategy

Digital transformation strategies must accommodate unstructured data processing. eBizDocs can help you implement successful Intelligent Capture within your organization or perform document conversion as a service using its state-of-the-art capture technology and processes.

eBizDocs partner, Kodak Alaris, sponsored an ebook developed by AIIM as part of their Industry Watch series.

The key findings of the survey conducted by AIIM, include:


Does Microfilm Continue to Play a Vital Role in Your World?


Many public and private organizations are on the path of preserving vital records by using modern microfilm scanners. These scanners produce high quality scans and improve document retrieval efficiencies. However, others continue using microfilm on a daily basis as the preferred format. Regardless of what camp your organization favors, eBizDocs has the solution.


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The Remote Working Pendulum Swings Again: 9 Lessons Learned


Just in the past decade, corporate perspectives on remote working have gone full circle:

  • Brave Frontier — “It might be OK for some of those Silicon Valley companies, but it’s not for us.”
  • Grudging Acceptance — “OK, but we need a detailed policy outlining how this will work and agreement on what we will pay for in terms of internet connectivity and home office technology support. And availability for this perk will be limited to a select few.”
  • Mainstream — “OK, but we need a policy controlling which software you use, because we’re losing control of our information. And by the way, we’re not paying for any expenses beyond your laptop.”
  • Skepticism — “I told you this was a bad idea, even Marissa Meyer at Yahoo is pulling people back into the office.”
  • Panacea — “The coronavirus will change things forever in terms of remote working.”

Here are nine lessons to becoming a virtual organization:



Process Analysis

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Ari Rosenblum
IT Specialist

Meet Ari Rosenblum. Ari joined the eBizDocs team as a part-time data entry employee during his high school and college years. After graduating college, he was ready to step it up and went full-time as an IT Specialist. His internal server and data storage management responsibilities quickly expanded into helping customers. Ari’s friendly demeaner and technical expertise is a great combination for satisfying customer concerns, and his on-target recommendations help them get the most out of their eBizDocs solution.

What Ari makes look simple is actually the result of hard work and making the time to fully understand the customer. According to Ari, “One of my biggest take-aways from being at eBizDocs is interfacing with customers and providing specific guidance in a way that is friendly and presented at their skill level. I learned it is essential to be patient and listen carefully to their concern. This allows me to create a personalized solution based on the customer’s knowledge level and skill set. I am proud and receive great satisfaction when I see customers become more comfortable using our technology and gaining the confidence they can meet their organization’s paperless goals. In the long run, I hope I can assist our customers become more proactive and less reactive.”

Another enjoyable part of Ari’s job is working on special projects. This provides a challenge and opportunity to creatively expand using eBizDocs offerings to solve unique business problems. Ari shared an example, “PSIcapture is a powerful program that performs all sorts of indexing and processing. For the NYS Department of Health, we were able to think creatively and apply the software in new ways to meet their needs. That is what makes my job so exciting. I love how the possibilities of using tools like scanners, capture software and a document management system are endless and energizing because each customer has their own specifications or requirements. This is the creative and fun part of my job.”

Ari also values working as a team. “Every day is different and sometimes the balls we are juggling end up in other hands. I am fortunate the team I work with is very supportive and KNOWLEDGEABLE. They have so much industry experience and provide a GREAT sounding board. Together we discover the best way for getting the job done. My driving force is being like a guiding beacon customer (both internal and external) can trust and easily follow.”

Thank you Ari, for all you do.