December 2019 EDITION


Name This Truck and Win $200!

Digital transformation projects are growing so fast we upped the game and added a new transport vehicle to the fleet.

This isn’t just another van, this is a serious Freightliner M2 box truck. With its massive 26 ft box, we can collect a mountain of documents in a single trip.

Contest is open to all, so enter NOW!

Howard Gross

2019 Best Buddies Champion of the Year

Champion of the Year unites and recognizes the community’s most active leaders in the name of inclusion

Thank you for supporting me in my efforts to raise money for Best Buddies. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

Through Best Buddies, thousands of people with disabilities have successfully moved from segregation and desolation to a new acceptance in their family and community.

In turn, Best Buddies created a new spirit of public service for thousands of middle school, high school and college volunteers that will last a lifetime.

Howard Gross

Support Best Buddies and make a difference in the life of a person with a disability!



Buhrman Design Group
Landscapes of Distinction

23 years of client and business paperwork consumed an entire room.
Buhrman Design Group knew what it wanted in a paperless solution and eBizDocs delivered.

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Why shared drive solutions evolve from Paperless to Punishment

A shared drive allows multiple users to file and access files others added. Sounds easy, right? Mater of fact, it is the easiest way to go paperless.
Unfortunately, there is one catastrophic flaw to the shared drive approach,


Once a shared drive solution becomes unsuccessful, the resistance to put a proper solution in place intensifies.

Some business will revert to using paper. Others, seeking a better solution, will need to overcome the ill feelings surrounding paperless.

Avoid the pitfalls of shared drives and discover the benefits of deploying a proper document management solution first.     

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Save 10% on you next Kodak Alaris Scanner*

Save 10% on your next Kodak Alaris Scanner

For a limited time you can save 10% and enjoy a Kodak Alaris award winning scanner. 

Whether you are looking for a new desktop, network, or high-speed production scanner, eBizDocs is always ready with the right solution at the right value.

And… for peace of mind, we also offer service contracts and consumables for both new and old makes and models.

*Offer valid for through 12/31/2019.

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Eric Merrills
Quality Assurance

Hi. My name is Eric Merrills.
I started with eBizDocs in June of this year in the Quality Assurance department.   As a lifelone resident of the Capital District, I worked mainly as a laborer for my entire adult life.  The years in factories and warehouses took a toll on my body and a bad back injury in 2015 meant that I needed a new career. I took a few years off and went back to school, earning my Associates degree in December of 2018. Although the economy was booming, once I completed my degree, I found barriers to employment when I was ready to start my new career. I was surprised that my many years of a strong work history meant little to most employers. And, there was a lack of enthusiasm to look at me seriously because of perceived barriers:
•     The gap in my employment, due to my changing of career.
•     No previous experience moving from blue collar to white collar employment.
•     And the BIGGEST unspoken concern ….  my back injury.

With assistance from my placement counselor, I was referred to eBizDocs.. The team at eBizDocs looked at me differently. They see my years a laborer, as a positive and gave me an opportunity to prove myself in a work environment that was very new to me. My back injury was not an issue. My coworkers are amazing, supportive, and taught me so much. I love working with them.

THANK YOU to everyone at eBizDocs for giving me this wonderful opportunity to show what I can do!!
Eric Merrills