August 2020 EDITION


COVID-19 Safety Playbook for Events

As the world reopens, event creators have a lot to consider

For the past 20 years, eBizDocs hosted and participated in many events. As the world reopens, event creators have a lot to consider as they bring their communities together again.

We are sharing this resource – Eventbrite’s COVID-19 Safety Playbook for Events  – for you to consider when deciding how to protect the health and well-being of attendees and staff.

Eventbrite partnered with risk management and health experts at the Chertoff Group to develop Eventbrite’s COVID-19 Safety Playbook for Events.
They created these resources for you to plan ahead and execute safe, successful events, as we start to gather together again.

Before relaunching in-person experiences, event creators will need to thoughtfully consider safety and security risks for their event.
Following the expertise of health officials and regulators, events will need to adopt new policies and procedures to minimize physical contact and maximize the health and well-being of their attendees.

This playbook assumes there are no mandatory prohibitions affecting your event or gathering.
Because everyone is a potential transmission risk, taking appropriate safety and risk management measures is crucial, as is communicating staff and attendee requirements and responsibilities during these unprecedented circumstances.

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What You Need to Know

New York state coronavirus information is updated frequently and available at:


Driving Remote Worker Workflows with Captured Data


While in the office, workers can easily exchange and share information face to face. Separating workers by implementing a work from home strategy demands a way to keep these info-flows intact.
Discover how implementing an electronic document management system’s workflow capability supports info-flows, and in many cases, improve efficiencies throughout the organization.


New York State Association of Counties (NYSAC) COVID-19

The current issue of NYSAC News focuses on innovation and leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic.
After reading this informative publication, see the back cover (page 60) to learn how eBizDocs’ commitment to “Stronger Together” can bridge the gap between you and your customers in a disconnected world.

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Taking the Worry Out of Paperwork

The financial industry is highly regulated, which translated to GFG being buried in paperwork.
Scaling the business was difficult because staff members were spending way too much time creating files, scanning documents, and rifling through filing cabinets to retrieve documents.
Hiring another administrative employee was considered, but GFG wanted a way to scale faster without upping their low headcount.



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Maryam Haidari
Document Scanner

Maryam came to eBizDocs in September 2019. Many people find their new job across towns or cities, but Maryam traveled one of the longest distances to join the eBizDocs team. In 2013, Maryam started a new job in Kabul, Afghanistan at the United States embassy. She worked there for 6.5 years in a variety of positions. Her first job was as cashier, then she worked in the embassy’s call center and finally to an administrative/supervisor position. Maryam supervised a seven-person team who supported all the needs of the embassy staff. She also organized official and unofficial events for U.S. embassy staff. “I LOVED MY JOB”, Maryam recalls. “I met so many people from different countries and my county …good people!”

The U.S. Embassy had foresight and offered all its embassy employees a special US visa. The process took over two years. Finally, in 2018, Maryam immigrated to the United States. Maryam recalls, “It was very hard to leave my family. The Taliban had been stepping up its attacks and it was time to leave. I knew my life would be in danger if I did not leave. And I feared for my family’s lives. This was not an easy decision to leave my country and specially to leave my mother. But there were no other choices. Everyone tells me I am strong because I made this journey, but when you are in danger you find the strength within yourself.” Maryam felt very lucky having worked for six and half years in the U.S. embassy, and gaining exposure to the American culture. While the transition to her new life had its challenges, her embassy experience helped her adapt faster and have a better understanding of American systems and ways.

Maryam initially arrived in Florida and was unable to find employment. Her friend in Albany, NY encouraged her to move. Maryam connected with the United States Committee on Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI) in Albany. Simultaneously, eBizDocs reached out to USCRI for referrals to increase workforce diversity. Maryam’s timing was good and was one of USCRI’s first referrals. Her resume was IMPRESSIVE!! Maryam was on-boarded in September 2019 as a document scanner. Maryam learned her job fast. Asked good questions and aimed to do her BEST!!!

As Maryam became familiar with eBizDocs and comfortable in her job, she began to fully understand eBizDocs’ mission of partnering with organizations to meet the diverse needs of suppliers and other organizations. Maryam also discovered why eBizDocs’ workforce diversity makes it such a strong company. She reflects: “I never saw a place like eBizDocs. There is opportunity for everyone. eBizDocs hires people with disabilities. In my country, I have never seen like this…. disabled and non-disabled working together. It is very GOOD! I so enjoy working with everyone, everyone has something to teach me. And, I learn from each of them. Howard, Wead, Tobi “all kind” to everyone. I LOVE eBizDocs. And I am SO HAPPY to have found eBizDocs as my employer.”

Thank you Maryam, for all you do.