Lou Gerstner, former IBM CEO, once said, “There’s a ditch on both sides of the road.”

Against the challenge of staying between these rails, successful navigation leads to business longevity.

Business longevity cannot be assumed. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

  • About 80% of businesses with employees will survive their first year in business
  • About 70% of businesses with employees will survive their second year in business
  • About 50% of businesses with employees will survive their fifth year in business
  • About 30% of businesses will survive their 10th year in business

Regardless of the type of business, the joy of longevity is three-fold. Ask any owner and they will tell you it also works in both directions.

Longevity naturally increases trust

Place the clients’ interest at heart, and the trust will be true. Over the past 20 years, eBizDocs learned trust is an earned privilege. Particularly with its customers.

Longevity leads to client faithfulness

Faithfulness is an ongoing process, not a single event. eBizDocs began serving many of its clients well over a decade ago. Building working relationships requires prolonged integrity and focus on the client’s needs.

Longevity leads to client referrals

Being able to receive and share referrals demonstrates the business and relationship are on a solid footing. Every business needs new customers and referrals are one of the better ways to grow. Putting one’s individual reputation on the line requires trust and faithfulness.

eBizDocs is grateful to have a diverse group of long-term customers, who achieved longevity by providing exceptional value to their clientele. All these companies are better serving their clients, in part by working with eBizDocs to minimize paper and improve efficiency.

Hoffman Car Wash & Jiffy Lube – Founded in 1965

Hoffman Car Wash is a five-decade family owned business with 28 car wash and Jiffy Lube locations throughout New York State. Become a Hoffman Car Wash Unlimited Member for a truly contactless car wash experience. Enjoy easy, in-and-out Unlimited access at all Exterior and Full-Service locations.

Why eBizDocs – Working with eBizDocs enables Hoffman to create better office workflows and improved customer service and support. The eBizDocs solution also ties in nicely with Hoffman’s accounting system.


Alpin Haus – Founded in 1964

In 1964, a small family-owned business opened its doors in Amsterdam, NY. Today, Alpin Haus is one of the leading outdoor recreational retailers in the northeast and employs over 200 people across our five locations in the Capital District and downstate NY. Alpin Haus has become the place to go for recreational vehicles, snowmobiles, personal watercrafts, ski and snowboard clothing, boats, pools, spas, and patio furniture.

Why eBizDocs – The Alpin Haus team relies on the eBizDocs solution to keep up with their heavy stream of incoming accounts payable paperwork, and have safe, secure, anytime access when needed. Alpin Haus also has a broader view of what payments are due, allowing them to take advantage of prompt pay discounts from their vendors. More so, the automated accounts payable process eliminates losing documents and indexing errors. The Alpin Haus team drastically reduced invoice processing costs, while increasing staff productivity.


DeCrescente Distributing Company – Founded in 1948

When you see a company grow and prosper year after year for over 70 years, there’s a reason. For DeCrescente Distributing Company (DDC), it all began in 1947 with one man’s vision. That was the year Angelo DeCrescente, from Mechanicville, NY, started his beverage distributing business. Angelo’s goal was simple. Treat your customers with respect. Have pride in what you do for them and they’ll be your customers for life.

Why eBizDocs – Human Resources and Accounting are typically the most paper intensive departments of any organization, and as a result they face the daily challenges of lost or misfiled records, multiple copies and versions of documents, and large filing cabinets that crowd valuable workspace. DDC was no exception, and eBizDocs was able to help. Since implementing eBizCloud©, DDC experienced improved efficiency and productivity of their record-keeping. Lost paper, misfiles, duplicate pages, and the need for large filing cabinets have been virtually eliminated. And… eBizDocs helps them stay focused on their purpose – “Our mission is to be the best full-service distributor by providing a unique and exceptional array of products and value-added services,” C.J. DeCrescente, President/CEO.


The Smile Lodge – Founded in 2007

The Smile Lodge provides direct access to the region’s top Pediatric Dental Professionals. With a focus on infants, children, and teens in Clifton Park and surrounding areas, The Smile Lodge serves over 45,000 patients. What separates The Smile Lodge from other dentistries is its commitment to providing excellent care in a warm and relaxed setting, where every parent and child is truly respected and treated with the utmost dignity.

Why eBizDocs – The Smile Lodge is saving floor space and managing all employee records for a fraction of the cost of paper-based filing. Documents are immediately accessible by authorized users and the system replicates proven business processes.


Passion, experience, and even money are not enough for a business to survive and prosper, as demonstrated by the shocking numbers reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Just one-third of startups will live to see their 10th birthday, and only one in four will make it to year 15.

Why do some businesses thrive while others fail? While there’s no magic formula that guarantees longevity, there are a few things that long-life companies do that seem to predicate success. Here are five tips to ensure that your business lives on and grows.

Here today… and tomorrow

While there are no guarantees in the business world, there are some strategies that can promote your company’s staying power. Crystallize your purpose. Be flexible to changing needs. Hire people who can expand your vision. Know your finances. And, most importantly, never stop learning. Once you have these mechanisms in place, you’ll be far better placed to align your business to an ever-changing future.

About eBizDocs

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