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Retention and Disposition Schedule for New York Local Government Records

The State Archives recently revised and consolidated its local government records retention and disposition schedules into a single, comprehensive retention schedule for all types of local governments. The new schedule, Retention and Disposition Schedule for New York Local Government Records or LGS-1, supersedes and replaces:

  • CO-2 Schedulefor use by counties (2006),
  • MU-1 Schedule for use by cities, towns, villages, and fire districts (2003),
  • MI-1 Schedule for use by miscellaneous local governments (2006), and
  • ED-1 Schedulefor use by school districts, BOCES, County Vocational Education and Extension Boards, and Teacher Resource and Computer Training Centers (2004)

Governing boards of local governments have until January 1st, 2021 to adopt the new Schedule, when the four existing schedules expire.

A copy of the LGS-1 is available on the State Archives website. Additional online resources include a list of the major revisions to the Schedule.

By consolidating multiple, disparate retention schedules, the LGS-1 helps to ensure consistent retention and disposition guidance for records that are common to various local governments. It also makes it easier to apply revisions necessitated by changes to laws, regulations or other mandates that affect retention.

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