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eBizDocs Named Best-in-Class Document Management Solution Provider

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It was back in 1999 when Howard Gross created eBizDocs to help other organizations improve the way they manage documents. Howard had massive experience working in records management, both as a user and consultant, and the passion to help others. Prior to eBizDocs, he served as the Operations Manager for a Top 10 insurance company and Project Manager for a regional electronic records management firm.

According to Howard, nobody just wakes up and one day wants to go paperless. Rather, there are driving forces behind deploying an electronic document management solution. Over the years, eBizDocs identified four core challenges influencing the decision to minimize paper. No two organizations are the same; however, all experience and need to overcome challenges caused by paper files. According to Howard, “eBizDocs has 20 years’ experience helping customers overcome paper centric challenges by implementing a customized document management solution that supports their business processes.”


COVID-19 Staying Safe

New York state coronavirus information is updated frequently and available at:

Did you know the core of eBizDocs’ existence is largely the result of one man?

Thank you, Russell Kirsch

We bet you never heard of him. Russell Kirsch died on August 11 at the age of 91. Russell’s contributions were remarkable, and we are thankful for his innovations. In the world of computers, the scanner is a device that optically scans images, printed or written text, a three-dimensional object, etc. and represents it in a digital format.

The now ubiquitous device can be found in offices as a desktop (or flatbed) scanner, where the document is placed on a glass window for scanning.

Pixels, the digital dots used to display photos, video and more on phone and computer screens, weren’t an obvious innovation in 1957, when Kirsch created a small, 2-by-2-inch black-and-white digital image of his infant son, Walden. That was the first image scanned into a computer, using a device created by his research team at the U.S. National Bureau of Standards (now the National Institutes of Science and Technology).


6 Things You Stopped Doing on the Road Back to Work

According to a recent survey about daily commuting, the need to support a remote workforce will have a lasting impact on most organizations. Many eBizDocs clients are grateful for having implemented an electronic document management solution that allows their employees to remain productive by working remotely. If your back-to-work strategy includes supporting a remote workforce, eBizDocs can help. See: Alpin Haus and Hoffman Car Wash & Jiffy Lube

Here are six things commuters say they will not be doing as they head back to work, maybe indefinitely:


Humor for Your Funny Bone

COVID-19 Drives Positive Operational Change at Hoffman Car Wash & Jiffy Lube

Managing the COVID-19 shutdown and reopening

Hoffman Car Wash & Jiffy Lube provides superior car wash and oil change services. The company operates 22 Hoffman Car Washes and 9 Jiffy Lube locations in the Albany, Saratoga, Clifton Park, Queensbury, Hudson, Kingston and Binghamton, NY areas.

COVID-19 caused a substantial reduction in customers, revenues, and profits for the year. Most employees were either furloughed or had their hours reduced. On the other hand, COVID-19 also drove many positive operational changes that provide a safer work environment for its employees and customers.

Hoffman/Jiffy Lube started minimizing paper several years ago by using the eBizDocs document management solution. The main goal was to improve efficiency and reduce costs.


Why shared drive solutions evolve from paperless to punishment


Going paperless is not new. Most business are already at some level of paperless. Typical paperless environments start by retaining files in their original electronic format (e.g. Word, Excel, and PDF) and/or scanning paper documents into image or pdf files. These files are saved to a hard drive in a Windows directory. Technically this is “paperless” and may even work great for some time. If your business has one employee, it may even work for a long time. Unfortunately, this entry level of paperless is not sustainable in the real world.

The shared drive solution

The shared drive solution involves setting up one or more networked drives so multiple users can add files and access files others have added. Shared drives can be in the office or the cloud. Sounds easy, right? Matter of fact, it is the easiest way to go paperless. Unfortunately, there is one catastrophic flaw to the shared drive approach, humans. Despite best intentions, people do not think the same way and will file and organize documents in a manner that makes sense to them. Shared drives do not provide the governance, controls, or structure necessary to prevent filing chaos. The more documents and users, the quicker a shared drive solution fails to be effective. Users feel justified in “regretting” going paperless. Management is frustrated and may even try to establish policies and procedures to solve the problem.

Once a shared drive solution becomes unsuccessful, the resistance to put a proper solution in place intensifies. Some business will revert to using paper. Others, seeking a better solution, will need to overcome the ill feelings surrounding paperless. The rest of this document will help you understand the benefits of deploying a proper document management solution.



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Shane Reichel
Microfilm Conversions and Audit


Meet Shane Reichel, one of eBizDocs microfilm auditors. Shane was born in Schenectady, New York. For most of his youth he honed his passion for freedom on two wheels, especially Motocross! He bonded with his father as they enjoyed many hours of riding and learning about motorcycles and drag racing. As a result, Shane developed a strong sense of independence and problem-solving skills. According to Shane, “When you are in the middle of nowhere and something breaks down…you gotta fix it!!”

Shane also has many other talents. He loves to draw and played bass, drums, and sang in a Death Metal band till he was 21. Death Metal is known for its abrupt tempos…and in many ways it is just as exciting as Motocross. For now, LIVE music is temporally on pause while he anxiously waits to attend a concert after the pandemic.

Shane and his wife Samantha married in 2013 and bought a house in Colonie, NY. Sixteen months ago, they welcomed their first child, Wesley, who adds much joy to their lives. Shane beams when he talks about Wesley. “He is a GREAT baby…fearless and adventurous.” Family life is paramount, he and Samantha do many things together. One of their favorites is cooking. They both LOVE spicy curries and Shane enjoys making his own chili oils.

Prior to eBizDocs, Shane worked for ten years in the seafood department at a local grocery. I learned “how to clean” in that job!!  Exploring a new challenge, Shane became interested in mortuary science. He went back to school and was excited about helping people during their time of loss. However, it did not work out that way. Shane found new opportunity and joined eBizDocs in 2019 to fill a data entry position. Since then, Shane stepped up when his supervisor and Director of Operations, Chris Ginart offered an opportunity to try microfilm auditing. Chris recognized Shane’s ability of being flexible when handling new responsibilities and asking clarifying questions, as necessary. Shane took to auditing so fast he quickly become an audit lead and started performing quality checks on microfilm batches. “These quality checks are imperative to meeting customer specifications. Shane is doing a great job… and his performance improves our operational efficiency”, says Ginart.

As for Shane and eBizDocs, Shane is very clear: “I LIKE IT HERE! Howard, Chris, the management team, along with my co-workers, are all supportive and great team players. Another thing I like is having a constant schedule. This brings balance and allows me to focus on doing my best at work, and then going home to enjoy my family.

Thank you Shane, for all you do.