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Information at Your Fingertips

Starting with paper and microfilm conversion, we support customers in some of the largest public and private sectors.

We perfected the art of converting your documents. However, this is only the beginning. eBizDocs also helps manage your content, improve efficiency and control costs.

Discover the breadth of offerings available from eBizDocs and uncover new ways you can put a smile across your organization.


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The premier quarterly publication from the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce in Rochester, NY.

Building Relationships

Jason wrapping up another great day at the NYSAC Legislative Conference.
Counties and other Public sector organizations appreciate the convenience of working with eBizDocs through NYSID.

However, what it’s really all about is building relationships.

Attending these events is a great opportunity for us to get to know you, understand your needs, discuss potential solutions, and most importantly – build mutual trust in our relationship.

Thanks for stopping by and visiting.

Case Study

Hoffman Car Wash/Jiffy Lube

Hoffman isn’t just expanding its green
initiatives. The car wash and service
center chain is saving on material costs…
Like paper and ink, as well as the most
important asset of all: time.

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The Migration from Paper to Digital



All organizations are in a race to digitize their office environments, but not everyone is traveling at the same speed.

Digital transformation (DX) continues to be a priority for many organizations, with some transitioning to a paperless office more quickly than others due to several variables and challenges they face.

IDC’s 2019 Document Processes Survey found that although organizations claim they are moving towards a paperless office, knowledge workers still use a lot of paper while completing their daily activities.

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Process Analysis

Save 20% on your next Process Analysis

Sometimes seeing the forest through the trees requires a fresh set of eyes.

Our document process analysis gives you a comprehensive review of how information is created, controlled, and flown through the organization.

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Sharilyn Briggs-King
Data Entry/Document Preparation 

Since starting with eBizDocs 3 years ago, Sharilyn’s ambition, reliability, and conscientious attention to detail makes her a rising star in the data entry group. Working in data entry requires both accuracy and speed, a challenge for most – a gift for Sharilyn. Always lending a hand wherever necessary, her cross training in document preparation is a welcome skill when there are large influxes of new boxes.

Sharolyn was born in Brooklyn and moved to the Albany area several years ago. She enjoys long walks and watching movies in her free time. Rehabilitation Support Services, Inc. (RSS) helped make the connection with eBizDocs. Since then, Sharolyn is making significant strides and one of the accomplishments she is most proud of is building a savings account.

Sharilyn enjoys the perks and incentives eBizDocs offers, including luncheons, bonuses, and the opportunity of becoming Employee of the Month. According to Sharilyn, “eBizDocs recognizes the hard work I put in and I’m enjoying perfecting my data entry accuracy and speed. I used to look for something to occupy my day. Now, the day is over before I realize, and I get paid!”