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Using Some Paper is Good

CDC COVID-19 Print Resources

The following printable materials support CDC COVID-19 recommendations and can be posted in your workspaces. All materials are free for download.

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Source: CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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What You Need to Know

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Finding the Elusive Balance


Both caused a deep slowdown in business and put extreme pressure on companies trying to stay in business.

There are many lessons learned from the 2008 Recession that apply to minimizing today’s COVID-19 business challenge.


Top 4 Paper Vs. Paperless Misconceptions

Let’s look at the top 4 reasons organizations avoid going paperless and how it impacts efficiency and hits the bottom line.

Conquering the Document Retention Challenge

Most businesses and professionals must observe specific document retention requirements.

Required retention periods can vary for each kind of document and by state. Seven years is typical, but 30 years or permanent is even possible.

Just knowing what to retain and for how long is a challenge.



Process Analysis

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Sometimes seeing the forest through the trees requires a fresh set of eyes.

Our document process analysis gives you a comprehensive review of how information is created, controlled, and flown through the organization.

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Brandon Henry
Microfilm Auditor

Brandon started performing data entry for eBizDocs in 2018. He already earned his master’s degree in Mathematics from the University at Albany and was excited about the new opportunity. Brandon worked in the retail food industry since 2002. His hard work and dedication put him on a steady growth path that started as a front-end clerk, then a transportation expeditor and finally as a receiving clerk.

Eventually Brandon was ready to move in a new direction and found Jason Kippen at Spectrum Employment Services, a firm focused on finding employment for those on the autism spectrum. Jason lead Brandon to eBizDocs.

Once at eBizDocs, Chris Ginart, Director of Operations, recognized Brandon’s many talents. Including:

  • Strong attention to detail
  • Ability to follow a set of rules or algorithms
  • Passionate work ethic and desire to finish a project
  • Highly organized and structured

According to Chris…  “If Brandon has 10 things he needs to keep track of, he does!  Brandon knows when to ask questions, especially if the rules are not clear or incorrect. Brandon brings a fresh perspective and knows how to reframe the issue with a different question.”
These talents made Brandon a perfect pick for the microfilm team. Starting as a microfilm scanner, Brandon quickly advanced to being a microfilm auditor. Succeeding as a microfilm auditor takes incredible focus and attention to detail!

eBizDocs won a large new job and they needed to bring on more document scanners. Brandon eagerly cross trained to accomplish the task. “I can depend on Brandon, he is reliable!”, said Chris. Brandon holds the same respect and esteem for Chris. They both laugh about things, especially when there is a sense of irony to a situation. As for Brandon’s perspective on Chris, his statement is simple. “Chris is a good trainer.”

When discussing eBizDocs, Brandon is very honest about his feelings. “Many people think just because I am high functioning, I don’t need help, but I do. I don’t like the term ‘high functioning’ because it’s an oversimplification. People think they understand the terminology, but they don’t understand the reality of needing help.” Brandon goes on to say: “I NEVER feel bullied. eBizDocs accepts everybody and each person is an individual. Plus, they find a way to work with each person to bring out their best. There is lots of opportunity to try new things.”

Thank you Brandon for all you do.