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Choosing the Best Scanner
for your Office

Learn to choose the best office scanner – evaluate scanning needs, select the right scanner type, and consider features like OCR to make the right choice.

Not all scanners are equal. Each scanner is for a specific need, so what may be best in class for one situation could be a lagging runner-up in another.

Recognizing this, considering your needs, and searching for a scanner that prioritizes those needs is a great way to find the best scanner for your office.

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Katina (Kat) Fronheiser
Document Preparation

Hello! My name is Katina (Kat) Fronheiser.

I joined the eBizDocs team in September 2019. After years of working in retail, I was looking for a job offering consistent daytime hours. Finding a job where my learning disability would not be an issue was a priority. In the past, my reading disability narrowed my options and I only found retail or grocery jobs.

This all changed when the ACCES-VR (Vocational Rehabilitation) job placement specialist sent me to eBizDocs. They said eBizDocs could possibly be a good fit because they understand everyone has some sort of unique need and are willing to help people reach their full potential. eBizDocs took a chance on me and hired me to prepare documents for scanning. This was all new to me, I was excited about the opportunity, and my life was about to change. eBizDocs adjusted its training to accommodate my verbal/visual learning style and I quickly understood and began performing my job.

I found this same “out of the box” approach when my 8th grade teacher allowed me to memorize (vs. reading) the lines to a classic play. The teacher understood my learning style and opened the door for me to be successful in school and created lifelong passion for the theater. Today, I continue to be involved in children’s theater bringing my love of theater to then next generation.

We all have different strengths and weaknesses and eBizDocs works very hard to find every employee’s strengths to make the whole company work as efficiently as possible.  I was initially hired part time and recently moved into a full-time position. Most importantly, I love coming to work every day! I feel like a valued member of the company, not just a number, something I never experienced before in a job.

Thank you to eBizDocs, and my coworkers for creating such a positive work environment!!!