February 2020 EDITION


February 17th is President’s Day

Lincoln famously stored papers inside the crowns of his hats, removed them humbly when speaking to constituents, and threw them down in front of generals to emphasize his anger.

Today… Top Hats are out of fashion, but eBizDocs can help you put INFORMATION at your Fingertips!


Name Our Truck winner!!!

It’s Official… the Name our Truck Contest Results are Final

Congratulations to Scott CF for submitting the winning name.

Doc-ness Monster

The “Doc-ness Monster” is on a mission to retrieve your documents safely and quickly.Everyone needs a workhorse dedicated to protecting precious information from all sorts of evils.

The “Doc-ness Monster” delivers, and eBizDocs can help you perform a digital transformation as we enter the new decade.

Thanks to all participants. We enjoyed seeing all the creativity you poured into your submissions.

Well done Scott…
Note: The Doc-ness Monster also answers to Nessie!

There were several excellent entries, but we can only pick one.
Runners up include:


eBizDocs to go

H2 (Howard’s Humungous Hauler)

No worries…we sCAN


Shred Sled

Trucky McTruckface


Case Study


Managing paperwork and placing new business efficiently without errors.

Souders represents many agents and carriers. Submitting, sifting through, and presenting the numerous coverage options requires speed, accuracy and security.

Tracking the steps and keeping up with the paperwork was daunting.

Being in a specialized segment of the insurance market, traditional insurance software products were not a good fit for the way Souders needed to run the business.

Souders wanted to grow, but the current way of handling the paperwork was a major holdback.

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Guide to Home Office Efficiency

Boost your efficiency by including these key elements in your home office.

Remote work used to be a privilege reserved for certain roles within certain industries, but nowadays, it’s becoming much more common: About 50% of the U.S. population works from home at least part of the time.

While various factors contribute to this trend, such as digitalization and rising real estate costs, many employers favor remote work because of the increased efficiency that it makes possible.

In a survey conducted by ConnectSolutions, 30% of participants reported that they accomplish more in less time when telecommuting, and 24% reported that they accomplish more in the same amount of time.

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Free box scanned with 20 boxes scanned

Get one box scanned for free with every 20 boxes scanned*
Get 2020 off to a great start by clearing out the clutter. For every 20 boxes we scan for you, we will scan another one for free.

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Chris Ginart

Chris Ginart started with eBizDocs in July of 2005. Initially, he was hired as a Production Manager and tasked with tracking projects through the conversion process. As the company grew, the complexity and size of the projects grew, Chris moved on to focus on process improvement and project planning.

By applying standardization to conversion processes and integrating his educational background in data manipulation, Chris has found efficiencies, improved process tracking and designed solutions for complex conversions.

With years of experience in planning projects with clients, Chris has seen the best and worst of records management that businesses have to offer. He has applied that experience by using proven solutions to help those businesses that are in dire need of records management help while translating the best practices into electronic document management processes that can apply to many records management scenarios. Learning from past conversions has become an integral part of the project planning phase and understanding the client’s needs in the future allows for flexible, cost-effective options.

Chris received a BS in Computer Science from SUNY Albany.