DeCrescente Distributing Company, one of the Northeast’s premier beverage distributors joined the paperless revolution. This is both a strategic move and the logical next step for the company, which is known for its use of innovative technology. By working with Electronic Content Management (ECM) provider eBizDocs, DeCrescente significantly improved their Human Resources and Accounting record-keeping.

The Challenge

Inefficient, Paper Intensive Record-Keeping

Human Resources and Accounting are typically the most paper intensive departments of any organization, and as a result they face the daily challenges of lost or misfiled records, multiple copies and versions of documents, and large filing cabinets that crowd valuable workspace. DeCrescente was no exception, and eBizDocs was able to help.

The Solution

eBizCloud© with eBizHR©

DeCrescente now stores and manages their records eBizCloud©. Documents are stored in digital filing cabinets and tagged with metadata which makes search-and-retrieve simple. Security classes ensure only users with appropriate access rights can preview, view, create, or modify documents.

DeCrescente’s content management solution also includes eBizHR©, a proprietary, turnkey solution that is customizable to fit the specific needs, requirements, and filing practices related to HR record-keeping. Their records are stored across eight cabinets divided logically by record type (e.g., I-9 forms, medical records, payroll, etc.). This ensures their files comply with retention schedules, are audit-ready, and are easily retrievable by users with document-level security clearance.

Mobility was critical for DeCrescente. With eBizCloud©, staff access records from any internet-ready device. And with built-in workflow, documents are automatically routed to users for processing. Workflow is especially helpful for the HR Department’s fillable PDF forms. For example, changes in employment status require approval from multiple people. HR generates the form directly within the employee’s folder on eBizCloud©.

Once filled, the HR user routes the form to a manager or supervisor for approval. The system tracks share status, edits, user notes, and adds dates and time stamps without ever leaving the digital filing cabinet.

“It’s much easier than chasing people down for signatures! The workflow allows people to access documents at their leisure, anytime from anywhere. They can approve with a click of a button, and it goes to the next person.” – Antoinette Hulsopple, HR Generalist, DeCrescente Distributing

The Results

Paperless Productivity

Since implementing eBizCloud©, DeCrescente Distributing Company experienced improved efficiency and productivity of their record-keeping. Lost paper, misfiles, duplicate pages, and the need for large filing cabinets have been virtually eliminated. And… eBizDocs helped them stay focused on its goal – “exceeding customers’ product and service expectations and to carry on our mission to be recognized as the premier company in the beverage industry.”

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