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Scanner Support Scam

fake kodak2

A group posing as Kodak Alaris technical support is spreading fraudulent messages on Facebook and other social media. Please do not call the number provided. The phone numbers provided are NOT Kodak Alaris help desk support, and when dialed, the … Continue reading

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10 Excuses for Avoiding a Document Management Solution

1. If we need to, we can usually find it. We usually can find the information we need when a customer calls. Sometimes it takes a while, but once we send out an email to all staff asking for the … Continue reading

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Workflow: The Modern Paper(less) Pusher

Workflow. You may have heard the term before but what does it mean, and what does it have to do with your business? Simply defined, workflow is passing a document within an organization from one person to another to complete a … Continue reading

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3 Challenges of a Paper-Centric Filing System

Are you relying too heavily on paper to support your business process? Let’s give credit where credit is due and say that paper has served businesses and individuals well for many centuries. And while there will probably be a limited … Continue reading

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Should it Stay or Should It Go Now? When to give papers the old heave ho…

Thanks to Lifehacker, here’s a nifty little list for folks outlining what papers you should keep (or digitize) and which should get the heave ho. The documents you should never get rid of are all fairly obvious: They’re official papers … Continue reading

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