Buhrman Design Group provides expert advice and services from its team of landscape architects, horticulturists, botanists, arborists, aquatic plant specialists and landscape installation professionals.

Each landscape reflects the customer’s lifestyle and effortlessly blends into their natural surroundings. From the initial on-site design meeting, where the customer’s vision is
shared and understood, to the final walk-through, each experience with Buhrman Design Group is insightful, creative and thorough. You dream it… and they will design it and build it!


23 years of client and business paperwork consumed an entire room. Buhrman Design Group had an entire room filled with previous years, employee files, client files, bills,
insurance books, chemical application sheets, etc. Maintaining file cabinets with 23 years of documents was costly and slowing the process. They also needed a way for on-site staff to see a client’s file, business contract, and other design documents in the field. The search was on for a solution that would eliminate paper and preserve the proven business processes.


eBizCloud© and Kodak Alaris i2800 desktop scanners. Finally, after a couple years of searching, the right solution was
discovered. Seemingly by chance, a former classmate reached out to owner Lance Buhrman to discuss the eBizCloud solution. eBizDocs
reviewed Buhrman Design Group’s filing practices. The solution is a natural fit for managing their client, accounting, and HR documents.
It was agreed to focus on automating the client renewal process before the spring rush. Each year, all clients are sent new, or extension
contracts, before the onset of spring. Prior to using eBizCloud, the process was laborious and stressful. Today the renewal process is standardized and repeatable.

In addition to much of the paper going away, calling the home office for information is history. Staff can access any client information from the field. They no longer have to call the office and ask what was
on a contract. What’s the address for Mrs. Smith? What’s Mrs. Smith’s phone number? Everything is accessible, so all construction projects plans, plats of surveys, job costing sheets, etc., are loaded into the
client’s folder in the eBizCloud for instant anywhere, anytime access. Workflow and task staging prior to eBizCloud consisted of hanging folders that supervisors would pull and hopefully get returned to the filing
cabinet after the job is complete and billed. Today, supervisors are notified by the eBizCloud workflow and sensitive client information is never exposed to prying eyes.

Buhrman used a high quality, centrally located, multi-function device for scanning and making copies. The unit accommodated staff with occasional scanning needs, but power user efficiency was further
streamlined with Kodak Alaris i2800 desktop scanners. Without leaving their desk, items are scanned, properly named, and filed directly into eBizCloud. Scanned documents are made searchable and converted
into industry standard PDF format. Documents can automatically be put into workflow. A notification is sent alerting other users of actions assigned to them. No more coming in or calling the office just to pick
up assignments.

Going paperless accelerates finalizing new contracts and completing the job. The result is greater efficiency and customer satisfaction. Buhrman Design Group’s customers want the best and are willing
to pay for superior service. Since going paperless with the eBizCloud solution, an unanticipated benefit was the boost it brought to customer interaction and professionalism. With all the information at their fingertips, field staff can answer questions and get the job done quickly and in a more professional manner.


Standing above the crowd, capturing valuable floor space and generating a strong ROI. Buhrman Design Group knew what it wanted in a paperless solution. While there are many options on the
market, eBizDocs delivered on all fronts. Being a reputable company in business since 1999, providing an affordable solution that addressed all the requirements (and then some), and having a business-friendly
culture that aligned with Buhrman Design Group’s beliefs, were the driving forces in making the final selection. The ROI of being able to eliminate 23 years of paper documents more than payed for the system.
Improving office and field efficiency is helping to deliver a better customer experience, while streaming job cycles. Plans for applying eBizCloud into other areas of the business (HR, Accounting, etc.) are underway.

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