Dinapoli Opticians: A Clear View of Success

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DiNapoli Opticians is a family-owned and family-oriented eye center. For over 70 years, they have been providing quality service to New York’s Capital District. Their longevity and success is due in large part to their use of innovative technologies, not only for their patients’ health, but also for their business processes.

The Challenge

A growing business means a growing need for a document solution.

Through three generations and the better part of a century of providing top care, DiNapoli Opticians has its roots deep in the Capital Region of New York State. In recent years, it became apparent that to continue the vision of providing superior customer service, quality, and innovation to customers, implementing a technological solution was crucial.

DiNapoli Opticians realized the need for a digital solution to both document management and workflow. To do so, the DiNapoli IT staff turned to eBizDocs, another Capital Region business with a reputation as experts in electronic content management.

The Solution

eBizCloud© and high-speed Kodak Alaris i2800 desktop scanners.

eBizDocs reviewed DiNapoli’s filing practices and technological infrastructure. Upon completion of the audit, it was determined that there was a need for back-file conversion and a records management plan. eBizCloud© in conjunction with high-speed Kodak Alaris desktop scanners was the clear solution, and the DiNapoli team agreed.

eBizCloud© is eBizDocs’ hosted, feature-rich document management software solution. The service bundles cloud storage with eBiz ECM, a document repository that acts as a digital filing cabinet, but with additional benefits like file collaboration and workflow, granular security control, and robust searchability. eBizCloud© is compatible with nearly any document format, and the software ensures fast retrieval by enforcing a consistent cabinet structure and strict filing naming templates.

A major limitation of popular software solutions in today’s market is the inability to store documents. As a
result, many businesses – even technologically conscious ones – default to paper recordkeeping for accounting documents. Receipts, invoices, and other AP and AR documents are all processed and stored in hard-copy. Because DiNapoli uses a variety of vendors for lenses, frames, and contacts they received countless paper invoices monthly.

eBizDocs offered DiNapoli an alternative to the cumbersome practice of filing and maintaining records in a physical file cabinet. The first step was conversion. High-speed Kodak Alaris i2800 scanners quickly emptied entire cabinets’ worth of accounting documents and patient records.

Filing digital documents was a simplistic and hassle-free process. eBizCloud© also features Batch, an embedded scanning application that is ideal for growing businesses like DiNapoli. Batch allows users to (individually or collectively) scan and file large volumes, and employs an assisted OCR indexing feature to reduce the need for data entry and aid in process automation.

“eBizCloud© seemed to be the best fit for us. eBizDocs enabled us to begin moving our paper document storage to digital images. Ultimately better file security, storage and retrieval of documents; it eliminated the need for an in-house server, too."

- Mike Murphy, IT Administrator, DiNapoli Opticians

The Results

Long-term solution with major ROI.

eBizCloud© Batch in particular, together with the speed and quality conversion achieved by the Kodak Alaris i2800 desktop scanners, have transformed DiNapoli’s once paper-centric office. Entire file cabinets have been emptied, and documents can be retrieved within seconds, allowing for a more productive, spacious office environment.

The electronic content management solution has been implemented in all four Capital District DiNapoli offices. Scalability is a major benefit of the eBizCloud© software, and as DiNapoli continues to grow, so will the system. Unlimited file storage and features like document version control, an iPad app for anywhere/anytime access, and task scheduling and reminders, collectively ensure that the company’s needs will be met far into the future.

The IT staff at DiNapoli is also laying out plans with eBizDocs to maximize the future of the system. By leveraging the included features of eBizCloud© and adding benefits like automated workflow, this will be a long-term solution with a significant return on investment for DiNapoli Opticians.


  • "It has been amazing to watch the veterans that I have placed at eBizDocs. One veteran in particular struggled for many months to find meaningful employment. Now at eBizDocs, he is excited about the job, sees a future ahead of him, and has found an apartment of his own."

    -Jason Goman, Albany Housing Coalition
  • "I was very happy with the prompt service I received from your company. Chris even did a follow up call to ensure we received the parts ordered. I give you guys an A+!"

    -J.T., NYS
  • "We can find the information we need in seconds. It takes away the dreaded question: Will I find that file?"

    -Tracy Braun, Hoffmans Car Wash
  • "This year’s recipients of the Chamber’s annual Van Rensselaer Awards exemplify the meaning of commitment to our region’s quality of life and demonstrate their continuous support in extraordinary ways that benefit all of Tech Valley."

    -Jo Ann LeSage Nelson, Chair of the Rensselaer County Chamber Board of Directors


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