Are you Scared of your Backroom?

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Are you scared of your backroom?

If your backroom looks like this or even worse, don't be scared, we're here to help. We manage the basic conversion of traditional, paper filing systems every day, but we also have unique, specialized experience. We've brought hundred-year-old documents into our secure production facility and converted them into high-resolution digital images. We have digitized documents that were severely damaged by floods or smoke, ensuring access to critical records that would otherwise have been lost. Whatever it is you need to convert, we've got the expertise and technology you need to get it done right.

What scares you the most?

losing documents     searching for a file

invoice processing     viewing microfilm   



  • "It has been amazing to watch the veterans that I have placed at eBizDocs. One veteran in particular struggled for many months to find meaningful employment. Now at eBizDocs, he is excited about the job, sees a future ahead of him, and has found an apartment of his own."

    -Jason Goman, Albany Housing Coalition
  • "I was very happy with the prompt service I received from your company. Chris even did a follow up call to ensure we received the parts ordered. I give you guys an A+!"

    -J.T., NYS
  • "We can find the information we need in seconds. It takes away the dreaded question: Will I find that file?"

    -Tracy Braun, Hoffmans Car Wash
  • "This year’s recipients of the Chamber’s annual Van Rensselaer Awards exemplify the meaning of commitment to our region’s quality of life and demonstrate their continuous support in extraordinary ways that benefit all of Tech Valley."

    -Jo Ann LeSage Nelson, Chair of the Rensselaer County Chamber Board of Directors


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