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logo tag 500After 18 great years it was time for us to update the eBizDocs brand.

Our new color scheme, slogan, logo and design directly represent, how we feel, where our industry is heading. With the changing landscape we knew it was time for us to make this change and give our customers a new fresh look, while catching the attention of new customers through our unique design.

The approach to this re-branding process was to make a brand that can be versatile. A brand that can be used in many different versions and forms to fit many different strategies and arrangements conveying a consistent image. We can use our logo in a couple different ways; the main one, which you can see above, a horizontal logo, the slanted “E” alone, and just our name “eBizDocs,” which you can see all below. Obviously, customers are going to be attracted to different looks, so this versatility allows for us to take advantage of those opportunities.

horizontal logo                ebiz E              ebizdocs name logo                                       

Besides the logo, our new slogan, “Information At Your Fingertips,” is also something we wanted to be versatile, so we can use it differently for specific strategies. For this, we simply replace the word “Information,” and replace it with an adjective to describe the specific strategy. A place where you can mainly see this used is through our social media sites. We have three weekly strategies on social media that display this versatility;

  • Motivation At Your Fingertips – Motivation Monday
  • Wisdom At Your Fingertips – Wednesday Wisdom
  • Fun At Your Fingertips – Flatbed Friday (see below)


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Webinar Introducing The New Alaris S2000 Series Scanners

S2080W opteBizDocs recently hosted a webinar to introduce the new line of  Alaris scanners, the S2000 series. The webinar hosted on November 29th gave us insight as to what the new series of scanners can provide users and the potential benefits for your business. The S2000 series scanners focus on simplicity from setup to use.


The S2000 series includes the Alaris S2050/S2070 Scanners, and the Alaris S2060w/S2080w Scanners.

The features and benefits of the S2000 series scanners include:

  • Perfect Page technology optimizes image quality dynamically for every page.
  • Embedded Image Processing delivers crisp, high-quality images at full speed to any PC or mobile device.
  • Active Feed Technology allows scanners to jog the documents to align the leading edge to avoid misfeeds.
  • Multifeed Management Options allows the user to accept, ignore, or rescan images, and speedy recovery from stoppages with pause and resume at scanner.
  • Sure Path Paper Handling actively monitors for multifeeds with ultrasonic sensors and intelligent document protection to prevent damages. Jam-free and document-damage free.
  • Controlled Output Stacking allows the user to pause and resume scanning.
  • Exception Handling Folio Mode detects sleeve folio and automatically merges front and rear to create image.
  • Intelligent Barcode Reading optimizes barcode processing to provide the fastest, most accurate results.
  • Setup Profiles for multiple job types and scan settings.
  • Intuitive Control Panel that makes scanning tasks quick and easy.
  • Push Scanning allows the user to push document images and metadata of the documents into a business process.
  • Pull Scanning allows the user to pull document images and metadata of the documents into a transactional business process.

The Alaris S2000 series scanners are compact, powerful, and easy to use. They are designed to streamline and optimize the workflow process. The superior image quality, paper handling, and information accuracy makes them ideal for digital transformation in your business.

kodak alaris information mn

NYSID's Annual Joslin Outstanding Performance Awards Program

Joslin awards logoWendy Germond walks into the door at eBizDocs to a resounding “Good morning, Wendy!” from her co-workers. This starts Wendy’s day with the support she loves, and a smile.

At the age of 13, Wendy unfortunately lost her father to suicide. This is especially painful for a child and can have a lasting disturbing effect growing up. As a result of this, Wendy struggled with depression.

Wendy was always close to her family, and was lucky to have the love and support of her older sister, even after the shocking loss of their father. As Wendy says, “The day our dad killed himself was the day my sister and I lost our mental health. But I have always been pulled forward, out of the darkness by a strong support system, including a tight network of friends and the church.”

Wendy did well in high school, but went in and out of many careers. In 1995, Wendy earned a business degree at the University of Albany. She graduated in the top 1 percent of her class and followed her career, moving between upstate and downstate.

In 2003, Wendy, who always strives to better herself and help others, led a Bible study group and acted as a spiritual advisor.

Wendy attributes her recovery and well-being to several factors:

  • Meeting and working with Holy Emery from the Rensselaer County Department of Mental Health, who helped Wendy move into her own apartment.
  • Volunteering at Empowerment Exchange, a peer support program dedicated to encouraging recipients of mental health services find their personal power and voice.
  • Finding employment at eBizDocs. “eBizDocs gets me out of the house. I am surrounded by people and a sense of community. eBizDocs has strengthened my opinion of myself and what I am able to do.

The best therapy she finds is at eBizDocs, working and having the support of her co-workers. Wendy was invited to share her story with the Rensselaer County Legislature in May 2017, during Mental Health Awareness Month.

Wendy was recently recognized as one of Joslin’s Outstanding Performers for 2017 from the Capital Region/Hudson area, through NYSID’s annual people-centered awards program.

NYSID’s annual Joslin Awards Program celebrates exceptional job performance and personal growth. In its 14th year, NYSID has recognized more than 700 Outstanding Performers, and awarded 17 of those individuals with the final William B. Joslin Outstanding Performance Award. All Outstanding Performers receive a certificate of achievement and cash award, and are featured in an annual yearbook. More information, and the entire list of Outstanding Performers can be found here.

eBizDocs Scans Flood-Damaged Court Records

flood damage recordScoharie County rescues three tractor-trailers of documents through remediation and digitization with help from Kodak Alaris and eBizDocs.

Tropical storm leaves damaged documents in its wake

In late August 2011, Tropical Storm Irene flooded Schoharie County in upstate New York. The Schoharie Creek rose to record levels, causing massive destruction of roads, homes, and businesses. More than 1,700 boxes of Schoharie County court documents dating back to 1795 were among the casualties. Completely inundated under five feet of water, the records were retrieved and treated with a remediation process to dry, restore, and preserve them.

When the process was complete, many of the valuable historical records were extremely fragile. The array of documents included a wide range of types, sizes and conditions. What’s more, many of the items were bound into oversized books, increasing the difficulty of handling them. Schoharie County faced an enormous challenge of digitizing all the records to preserve them for their historical value and also to meet regulatory mandates.

Gentle transport for freeze-dried documents

With three tractor-trailer loads of remediated documents ready for scanning and digitization, Schoharie County Courts and Chief Clerk F. Christian Spies turned to eBizDocs, Inc. of Albany, NY. The company provides service bureau scanning and document management solutions to a variety of clients in financial, healthcare, government and other industries, as well as selling scanners from Kodak Alaris and content management systems.

"We are very happy with the quality of digitized records and the results. In many instances the scanned documents look much better in terms of contrast and legibility than the originals. And with records dating back to the late 1700's, the quality of the originals varies greatly. When you factor in the water damage, receiving PDF's of such consistent high quality is impressive."

-F. Christian Spies

Chief Clerk, Schoharie County Courts

“Based on in-house research and experience with our existing Kodak i4200 Scanners, we knew they would be an ideal match for the unique demands of this project,” says Howard Gross, President of eBizDocs. “Their gentle transport attachment gave us confidence, and the flatbed attachment was another plus, as there were so many exception documents in this mix.”

In fact, the transport and paper feeding of the i4200 Scanner is so fragile-document-friendly that about 90% of the contents of each box of records were scanned via the feeder. With 10 workstations in place, eBizDocs’ operators spent about 20 hours per box sorting and scanning. “It was a very labor-intensive process in terms of carefully removing and determining how best to capture each document,” notes Gross.

“We really never knew exactly what was going to be in any one carton. Many were very fragile or multi-part, and sizes ranged from small cards up to 20” x 26”. Each box was an intriguing adventure: large leather binders, will books, court documents, adoption records... a tremendous variety.”

A space-saving, user-friendly solution

The compact size of the Kodak i4200 Scanners makes them desktop friendly, and Kodak Capture Pro Software provides a common, user-friendly interface for all operators.

Completed, digitized files were entered into Schoharie County and New York State proprietary database systems. Moving forward the county now has digital access and greater safeguards in place for their historic documents. eBizDocs has collaborated with Kodak Alaris for years, aiding in testing software and providing valuable input and guidance on product and service features. The company includes scanners from Kodak Alaris and Kodak Capture Pro Software in the solutions it creates and sells to end-users.

“Features of Capture Pro Software, such as reading barcodes on the fly and advanced indexing capabilities, are just two of the reasons we recommend it,” Gross says. “We’ve had excellent success with a wide range of scanners from Kodak Alaris, both in-house and those sold to customers. All their models, including desktop scanners, are very reliable with a feature set that’s outstanding and useful.”

Are your records a disaster? Get in touch with our team.

eBizDocs Recognized as One of the "20 Most Promising Document Management Solution Providers" by CIOReview

65b43e60 2554 4dcc 85b3 d765426b39c2eBizDocs, a leading provider of electronic document management services, has been recognized as one of the “20 Most Promising Document Management Solution Providers of 2015” by CIOReview.

As a selected vendor, eBizDocs meets CIOReview’s benchmark as a provider with the “capability to fulfill the burning needs for cost-effective and secure DMS solutions that leverage the promising trends in the industry.” The list was released in the special DMS edition of CIOReview magazine and on

eBizDocs President and CEO Howard Gross launched the company 15 years ago as a scan service bureau driven by the premise, “We make finding your documents as easy as turning on your computer.” Since then, eBizDocs has expanded its core offerings to include scanner sales and service as well as a cloud hosted DMS called eBizCloud©. eBizCloud© is much more than simple file storage. It is a feature-rich document management environment with integrated workflow, secure file sharing, document retention parameters, mobile collaboration, and user access control and oversight.

The backbone of eBizCloud© is SAFE Document Management software, which was designed and developed by Cabinet, an Alabama-based solution provider. eBizDocs is a key partner in Cabinet’s Value Added Reseller (VAR) program and has been for 10 years.

"Cabinet prides itself on partnering with only the best re-sellers in the market - like eBizDocs. We are thrilled to congratulate the eBizDocs team on earning this coveted distinction."

-Andrew Bailey

President, Cabinet Document Management Solutions

High quality image capture is another trademark of eBizDocs’ success. For dependable scans they use award-winning technology built into every Kodak Alaris scanner. “We use Kodak Alaris scanners for our mass scanning service, and we are consistently impressed with their dependability and high quality output,” said Jason Abare, Director of Technology. “As a reseller, it makes the sales process much easier when you are also a service bureau because we can speak from experience.”

eBizDocs is a Platinum-level Kodak Alaris Partner, the highest tier in the Alaris Advantage Program, which allows them to provide clients with value-added document imaging solutions.

“We welcome eBizDocs to the Platinum tier of our Alaris Advantage Program, which confirms the highest level of partnership between Kodak Alaris and eBizDocs,” said Martin Birch, US&C Regional Business Director, Kodak Alaris Information Management. “With only a handful of our resellers qualifying for this Platinum tier, eBizDocs and Kodak Alaris are able to work closely together to provide the best solutions for our clients’ imaging needs.”

Technology aside, the bedrock of eBizDocs’ success is tight teamwork. Each member of the management team has worked for the company for 10 years.

“I’m proud to say that we have the best team in the business,” said Howard Gross. “Because we’ve worked together so well for so long, we complement each other’s strengths. And that helps us accomplish our single focus and goal – exceeding our customers’ expectation in quality, price, and performance.”

Tracy Braun, Controller at Hoffman Carwash/Jiffy Lube can attest to eBizDocs’ commitment to customers. When she began looking for a document management solution in 2005, eBizDocs proved to be a superior solution provider with greater product knowledge and a better price point than its competitors. Since then, Hoffman Carwash/Jiffy Lube has expanded its paperless accounting system across all of its Upstate New York locations. “I am very happy that we decided to go with eBizDocs. It’s turned into a great relationship. We have benefited tremendously from their expertise. Our documents are instantly accessible, and I like that they are very responsive, always just a phone call away.”


  • "It has been amazing to watch the veterans that I have placed at eBizDocs. One veteran in particular struggled for many months to find meaningful employment. Now at eBizDocs, he is excited about the job, sees a future ahead of him, and has found an apartment of his own."

    -Jason Goman, Albany Housing Coalition
  • "I was very happy with the prompt service I received from your company. Chris even did a follow up call to ensure we received the parts ordered. I give you guys an A+!"

    -J.T., NYS
  • "We can find the information we need in seconds. It takes away the dreaded question: Will I find that file?"

    -Tracy Baun, Hoffmans Car Wash
  • "This year’s recipients of the Chamber’s annual Van Rensselaer Awards exemplify the meaning of commitment to our region’s quality of life and demonstrate their continuous support in extraordinary ways that benefit all of Tech Valley."

    -Jo Ann LeSage Nelson, Chair of the Rensselaer County Chamber Board of Directors


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