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10 Excuses for Avoiding a Document Management Solution

Excuses for Avoiding a Document Management Solution

1. If we need to, we can usually find it. We usually can find the information we need when a customer calls. Sometimes it takes a while, but once we send out an email to all staff asking for the … Continue reading

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eBizDocs’ Fillable NCAA Bracket

Download our NCAA tournament bracket

eBizDocs has the capability to create fillable PDF forms for you business. Whether you need to replicate an existing paper form, or you need it created from scratch, we can help. As an fun little example of what we can … Continue reading

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DeCrescente: A Toast to Paperless Productivity

DeCrescente Adopts Paperless HR and Accounting

DeCrescente Distributing Company, one of the Northeast’s premier beverage distributors has joined the paperless revolution. This is both a strategic move and the logical next step for the company, which is known for its use of innovative technology. By working … Continue reading

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DMS: Bring Order to Digital Chaos

Bring order out of your digital chaos

Are you scanning your business documents? Nice! Are they being backed up regularly? Good deal! Are they categorized for easy retrieval, available for mobile collaboration, and centrally managed with automated workflow triggers? The paperless office means more than shifting to … Continue reading

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ECM Fundamentals: Documents, Records and Content

Documents, Records, and Content are not all the same.

Document Management, Record Management, and Content Management are all the same thing, right? Not necessarily. To properly understand how business data should be managed, it is first important to define a few terms. Documents Whether physical or digitally-born, documents come in a variety of formats such … Continue reading

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